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Join the Union

There’s no better time to be an Ironworker. Wages are good. Job prospects are bright. Ironworkers maintain impeccable relationships with employers. And, you’ll be part of a brotherhood of highly skilled, motivated construction professionals.

In August, 2013, Canada’s Employment Minister Jason Kenny said, “According to different industry councils, we’re looking at shortages of hundreds of thousands of construction trades people in the next decade.” That means skilled tradesmen and practically guaranteed a job now, and in years to come.

Ironworking is a high-growth sector with booming work in all the following skills:

  • Structural Ironwork
  • Reinforcing Ironwork (Rebar)
  • Machinery Rigging
  • Shipyard Rigging
  • Welding
  • Curtain Wall erection
  • Pre-Cast erection
  • Metal Building erection
  • Ornamental Ironwork
  • Wind Turbine erection

If you’re an individual, you can sign a membership card at the provincial local union and begin working for Ironworker employers while following a specialized apprenticeship program. (Some regulations in the province of Quebec are different). However, even if you’re currently working for an employer, you and your coworkers can still join the union through a process called Organizing. After you’re organized, you will be guaranteed workplace rights, union rates, pension and benefits. Contrary to what many non-union employers say, Ironworkers have impeccable relationships with our employers partners across Canada, and we are committed to working with them to find win-win solutions to any issues.

For help organizing your workplace, including guidance through the organization process and confidential meeting spaces, call (514-328-1482). We’ll connect you with a representative from your Local Union.